Bird and Nature Tours Myanmar

Birding Excursion with BNTM in Jun 2019



  • To realize how important nature and birds are to their daily lives
  • To get knowledge based on conservation of nature and bird
  • To love and conserve nature and birds by birding
  • To improve the capacity of local bird guides

Hlawga Natural Park      

           Hlawga Natural Park is one of the best birding site near Yangon,located in Taukkyan Model Village, Mingaladon Township of Yangon.It was established in 30 September 1982. The area of Hlawga Natural Park is 1540 acres, comprising of 818 acres of Wildlife Park, 62 acres of mini-zoo and 660 acres of buffer zone. It is the type of semi-evergreen, mixed deciduous and swamp forest types. Hlawgar Natural Park is the different varies of wildlife habitat, and recorded in 25 species of mammals, 9 species of reptiles, 54 species amphibious, 192 species of birds, 103 butterfly species and 23 species of fishes, and has opened the purpose of conservation, development and research programs and the opportunities for study and recreation.



We joined the birding activity in Hlawga National Park in Jun 21,2019.We set out about 6 AM and arrived at Hlawga National Park around 7 AM. It is the rainy season but it was sunny in the morning. Upon arrival, we had our breakfast and started to watch birds outside the main park till 9:30 AM. This birding activity was conducted by lay win (wild) and Ko Ye’(Birder). Observers are Mai Aung Lin, Mr.Leon, Ms.Than Naing Aye, Ms.May Sabae Wai, Ms.Hay Mar Kyaw, Ms.Thazin Aung and Ms.Yamin Shwe Sin. All are 9 observers including leaders.Before we started birding , our leaders explained Do’s and Don’ts in birding and shared their knowledges about reservoirs in Yangon, importance of tree and forest to reserve the water while we were birding. We recoded Rocket-tilled Treepie, one of the highlight species in Hlawga, Bulbuls, Doves, Kingfisher, Bee-eater and any other species. After that we took rest for a while in local restaurant near Hlawga National Park.

Then we went to minizoo. We took some photos of Abbott’s Babbler and Van Hesselt’s Sunbird there.

We recorded Ruby-cheeked Sunbird,Olive-backed Sunbird, Copper-throated Sunbird, Oriental Magpie Robin and any other species too.Next We went back to the parking in front of  Hlawga Natural Park and went to the park for lunch. We had lunch in near camp 2 in park. Our breakfast, lunch including zone fees were sponsored by Bird and Nature Tours Myanmar (BNTM) .After our lunch, we watched birds around again. The weather changed and became gloomy. It is not good weather for birding. That’s why we took some group photos and went back around 1;30 PM. We listed 42 species of birds in Hlawga. We got many experiences and knowleges in birding activity.